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Home - brings you to the first page
Sold by Miguel - lists properties I have sold in the past few years
Relocation info - takes you to many links with valuable information for those relocating
School Information provides links for county & city schools
Utilities - provides links for utility companies by area of service
Tax Rates - provides tax information of federal, state & local governments
Home Inspection - describes some aspects of the home inspection
Property Disclosure - share seller limits and requirements for Maryland, DC & Virginia
Market Report - provides an update on the current DC Metro real estate market
Contact me now - my contact information and if you want to contact me immediately
Newsletter - sign up for my newsletters which provide real estate updates in your area and tips
Testimonials - responses from recent clients that have either bought or sold with me
About Miguel - general information on my real estate background
Company - will show brokerage history and information
Maintenance Checklist - will show monthly checklists to help you maintain your property
Moving Checklist - will show week by week before moving what you should do to plan your activities
Real Estate History - expresses impacts, mortgage history & Metro DC
RE Glossary - this details explanations for terminology used
Other RE agents - here are our national real estate link partners
Other RE agents 2 - here is the second page of our national real estate link partners
Other sites - here are our national link partners - non-real estate
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For Buyers
Free home buyer seminar
What mortgage can you afford?
Rent versus buy analysis
For what loan do you qualify
Buyer info
Request to receive listings via email
Information to make buying real estate easier
How much house to determine what you can afford to buy
What to look for to show what to evaluate
Mortgage, locating the right loan to select what works best for you
Negotiating the purchase what happens until your offer is agreed
Offers and contracts walks you through the contract process
Between Contract and Closing walks you through post contract process
Closing day what happens day of closing day
Health Risks in Real Estate this addresses health risks that could exist in some properties
Humidity how to measure and detect humidity source
The biggest enemy of your house is water
How to avoid buyer traps
First time buyer information
Take the stress out of home buying
Why some buyers do not hire a real estate agent
7 Reasons to own your home
10 mortgage mistakes to avoid
Five secrets to buying a home
Why Use a Realtor
10 ways to prepare for home ownership
Request information if you are relocating to Northern Virginia
Miguel guarantees finding you the right home
Presentation for buyers from Miguel
Checklist for final walk-through before settlement
How to buy a foreclosure property
I want to buy now
Risks in using title insurance from bank selling property
Help me buy a short sale
10 reasons to get a property survey
What does a survey cover
Title insurance - shows what types and coverages are available
How to take property title
Why hire a buyers agent
Condos versus Co-ops

For Sellers
Seller Info
Guaranteed home sale program
What is my home worth
Request Miguel to get your property sold now
7 hot home improvement trends
How to price a house to sell
I want to sell now
Listing presentation - will show what Miguel will do to get your property sold
Seller checklist - will show all the things that Miguel does to get your property sold
Seller mistakes to avoid
Request help from Miguel to sell your property
My Marketing Plan - how to get you top dollar upon selling
Your home's value - a comparative market analysis
Preparing property for sale - what to do to prepare your home
Let us sell your property - why it is best to work with Realtors
Offers and contract - walks you through the contract process
Paperwork after contract - walks you through post contract process
Settlement day - what happens day of closing day
Free home evaluation
7 deadly seller errors to avoid
10 things to fix before Selling
Low Cost ways to spruce up your homes exterior
How to hold a successful garage sale
How to improve the odds of an offer
Simple tips for better home showings
Understand agency relationships
5 things to do before putting your home on the market
8 Reasons why you should work with a Realtor
Understanding Capital Gains in Real Estate

This is the Spanish version of the website
Principio - lo lleva a la primera pagina en Español
Vendido por Miguel - propiedades que he listado y vendido
Para Comprar - detalla información crucial de como comprar bienes y raices
Para Vender - detalla información crucial de como vender bienes y raices
Sobre Miguel - informacion general de Miguel en cuanto a bienes y raices
Relevo - relevo de este sitio de web en Español
Noticia de privacidad
Mudar al área - información sobre el area para el que se quiere mudar al area
Informacion de escuelas provee vinculos para escuelas por condado y ciudades
Utilidades - provee vinculos para companias de utilidades por area de servicio
Contactame - para comunicarse con Miguel

Para Comprar
Presentacion para comprador - detalla los servicios que Miguel le ofrecera
Precio de casa - lo guiará para determinar que precio de casa puede comprar
Que buscar - le enseñarara como evaluar un vecindario, comunidad y una casa
Hipoteca, encontrar el mejor préstamo - le enseñarara como escoger lo mas adecuado
Negociando la compra - lo que sucede en lo que su oferta es aceptada por el vendedor
Oferta y contratos - lo ayudara con el papeleo necesario para presentar las ofertas y contraofertas
Entre Contrato y Cierre - le revisará los documentos posterior a la firma del contrato
Día de Cierre - que esperar durante el proceso del cierre y firma de contratos

Para Vender
Presentación para vendedores - detalla los servicios que Miguel le ofrecera
Plan de mercadotecnia - como vamos a promover su propiedad para conseguir el precio mas alto en venta
Valor de su propiedad - un análisis comparativo del mercado para determinar el valor de su propiedad
Preparando su propiedad - lo guiará con los pasos para preparar su propiedad para la venta
Nos encargamos de venderla - le demuestra las ventajas de contratar un agente de bienes raíces
Ofertas y contratos lo ayudara con el papeleo necesario para las ofertas y contraofertas
Papelería y contratos - lo guiará durante la preparación de la papelería después del contrato
Día de cierre - que sucederá y recibirá en el cierre y firma de contratos