Why hire a buyer agent to buy real estate?

The goal of a buyer is to buy a home at the lowest possible price with the most favorable terms. Hence, if you are buying, you need an agent representing your interests since the seller has one representing their interests.

If you feel you do not need a buyer's agent, see if you can answer the following questions:
1. Do I have time to research the residential housing market and understand the best type of property to purchase based upon my needs?
2. Do I have access to the latest and most comprehensive information on properties for sale, and sales data?
3. Do I know how to interpret this data in a way that will help me structure an attractive offer that has a reasonable chance of closing?
4. Do I understand real estate representation? What rights and duties come with representation? Who is loyal to the seller versus the buyer?
5. Do I have the expertise to negotiate on my own behalf when the seller's side has a real estate professional assisting the seller with negotiations?
6. Do I have the ability to find the qualified/licensed professionals needed in the real estate transaction?
7. Do I have time to research current home loan programs and determine which one is best for me?

You probably now realize that you should have a real estate buyer's agent helping you to achieve your goal. It is always best to work with a specialist such as an Accredited Buyer Realtor© ABR. When you see the ABR designation after your real estate professional's name, you know you're working with a committed Accredited Buyer's Representative whose focus is on your best interests. And because the designation is awarded by the Real Estate Buyer's Agent Council (REBAC) only to Realtors® who meet specific educational and experiential criteria, you can expect to receive the highest quality of personalized service.

Skilled at serving a buyer's needs
The Buyer's Agent who has earned the ABR designation is particularly skilled at servicing your special needs as a buyer. With your interests in mind, your agent may develop a Comparable Market Analysis (CMA), revealing the listing and sales prices of similar properties in your target area. Your agent can also reveal helpful information about the seller, including the reason for selling and possible concessions.

Protects your interests
Whether helping you plan, locate and evaluate property, negotiate price and terms, assisting with financing, inspections and more, your Accredited Buyer's Representative is committed to providing you with undivided loyalty and exclusive protection of your special interests. Look for the ABR designation when considering your next home purchase.

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Hiring Miguel as your Buyer Representative is easy, but it does require a commitment. Best of all, the services are generally paid by the seller at the closing through the mutual cooperation of sales commission rates between the listing broker and a buyer's agent--saving you money. Contact Miguel today.