Listing Presentation for sellers

Thanks for coming to view my general listing presentation. When we meet, I will detail the additional steps to take with your specific property, so it can be quickly SOLD!

Below are the steps in this presentation. At the top of each section there is are arrows to jump to the previous or next section.
Your Goal

Is to sell your home:

  • As quickly as possible
  • For as much money as possible to you $$$
  • With the most favorable terms for you
  • With ease, as little stress and inconvenience to you as possible

Our teamwork is critical as is communication and cooperation to ensure a successful sale.

Miguel's results!

Proven results are the best indicator for future success in the sale of your property.

Below are the market & Miguel's averages as it pertains to: time from list to contract, and, what percent of list price is achieved for the sellers.

Market AverageMiguel's Results
days selling
days selling
of ask price
of ask price

On average, Miguel will sell your home 1 month quicker for $10,000 more, based on $500K sales price.

Miguel's Resume
Listing Process
Listing Appointment
  • Meet with you
  • Review property
  • Discuss plans
  • Sign representation agreement

right arrow
down arrow

Prepare property
  • Agree to improvements
  • Clean & landscape plan
  • Advise on preparing home for showing
  • Finalize price
down arrow

Activate Listing
  • Professionally photographed
  • Notify agents property details
  • Enter in MLS, place sign, brochures & lockbox
  • Implement Marketing
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  • Review offer(s)
  • Call lenders and verify funds
  • Negotiate with buyer(s)
  • Ratify contract

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Contract to Close
  • Home & Pest inspections
  • Appraisal
  • Loan approval
  • Settlement date finalized
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  • Move out of property
  • Pre-settlement inspection
  • Settlement & Recordation
  • Receive proceeds
Professional Photos
The photo quality presented on-line, and promotional materials are key in attracting buyers. They are the first property presentation. Buyers make decisions based on what they see on-line. Property photographs can attract or dissuade potential buyers. This is key since 94% of buyers search online before ever viewing property in person. That is why Miguel hires professional photographers to ensure your property is presented in the best possible light. Here are some past examples:

Marketing Plan

Price is the most important element to get right, else all other aspects are futile. In today's world, appraisers, agents and the public have easy access to recent sold prices and make judgements of market values. So, it is critical to get this right, to get it sold!

Property condition and upgrades vis-a-vis competition and recent sales will impact the sale price.

Promotion is achieving the correct communication to each target at the right time to advance the sale of your property.

The first two items are very specific to each property. For that reason, the following will share examples of promotional items used and why.

Promotion Plan

The first question to ask is "where should the agent place their efforts to get your property sold?" The obvious answer is where buyers are looking to find out about properties. This will help us focus promotion efforts to sell your property. To help answer that question we obtain 2019 research conducted by the National Association of Realtors wherein they asked buyers the following question:
"Where did you (buyers) first see the home you eventually purchased?"

The info below provides the split of answers given:

  • 52% - Internet
  • 29% - Real Estate Professional
  •   6% - Yard Signs
  •   6% - Friends, relatives, neighbors
  •   4% - New construction
  •   3% - Knew the seller

Now with this information you will better understand where efforts should be placed to get your property Sold!

After professionally photographing your property, we will use images in all marketing materials.

1. Virtual Tour, for internet exposure everywhere

2. As real estate agents represent 97% of all area buyers, it is imperative that active agents (80/20 rule) become aware of your property even before it goes on the market for sale. Emails like this example have gotten to agents whom have shown their buyers and purchased the property:

3. Install Electronic Lock Box - to provide access for other Realtors

4. By targeting potential buyers (renters, move up buyers and downsize buyers) & neighbors, this generates interest quickly, yields a quicker sale at a higher price, which is what sellers want.

just listed postcard

5. Communicate via office promotion & company network

6. Order & install For Sale yard sign to attract people interested in the neighborhood

7. Open Houses in MLS, property webpage, and with directional signs to the property

8. Full color Marketing Brochure, which helps the prospective buyer remember what the home had so they can reference it more easily and access information. Also prepare fact sheets to be left in the home with brochure, so that the buyer will have key information to be able to act.



  • Communication with frequency and method agreed
  • Provide marketing statistics & Open House traffic
  • Continuously review pricing strategy
  • Negotiating skills to get you top dollar
  • Estimate Net Proceeds on all offers
  • Coordinate all needed inspections
  • Coordinate all transaction documentation

Miguel achieves 93% of his business through past clients and their referrals. His clients trust him. They know he is knowledgeable, and respect his advice. So, who better than his clients to let you know what he has done for them so you can realize what he can do for you? So, click on his Raving Reviews to see.

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