Why some buyers do not hire a real estate agent?

Confusion over Commission

Some unrepresented buyers mistakenly think they'll have to pay the commission if they use a buyer's agent. When a property is listed in the MLS, the sellers need to offer compensation to the agent that brings them a buyer. Hence, in those cases, which are the vast majority of cases, the commission is being paid by the seller.

Look for Savings

Other buyers have some experience in the real estate market - because they've bought or sold a home in the past - and intend to negotiate a better deal by shaving off the commission that would normally go to the buyer's agent.

Buyers should not assume that they will get a better deal from sellers just because they are not represented by a real estate agent. "Why would a seller ever pass on savings to a buyer?" "The sellers do not know the buyer and why would they give them a bargain?"

Time is money. If the buyer has a full-time job, a family life, and other commitments, it may make the most financial sense to have an experienced professional handle all the details involved in a home search, making an offer, and closing.

Thinks Buying is Easy

When you speak with prospective buyers who have experience buying or selling on their own, you should explain that every home purchase is not the same. Their last transaction may have been smooth sailing, but there's always the potential for tough situations. Is the buyer prepared for what will happen if they think a home is overpriced & if their offer is rejected?

Most buyers do not know how complicated the buying process can be. They also do not have a high expectation of what a good agent can do in looking at comparable values and negotiating for them to yield the best possible outcome.

Prove your expertise by spelling out these and other issues that the buyer may not have thought much about - for example, the quality of the neighborhood schools or whether there's a waste treatment plant nearby that could affect their enjoyment of the area, says real estate consultant and coach Terri Murphy, GRI, CRS®, president of Memphis-based Terri Murphy Communications.

Top five things that buyers say they want most from real estate professionals, according to NAR's 2006 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers: Help finding the right home, help with price negotiations, help with paperwork, help determining what comparable homes are selling for, and help determining how much they can afford.

Do not want to be Pressured!

We understand that you need space to make your decision. We are your resource for real estate need and will be there when you are ready.

We can e-mail you listings as they come up, on a weekly or monthly basis depending on where you are in the purchase cycle. You decide. We want to create a relationship where you will feel comfortable and knowledgeable before you actually go and make your buying decision.

Part of that knowledge will come from our conversations, another from our resources and lastly from your own experience during the process.

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