Seller steps

  1. Review Selling Process, sign listing agreement, determine property improvements and timing
  2. Stage and clean house for photography
  3. List in MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and begin broadscale promotion
  1. Receive offer(s), review lender letter(s) and confirm
  2. Review all contingencies: financing, appraisal, HOA or Condo docs, inspections, etc., in each offer
  3. Either accept, reject or counter and negotiations ensue until all agreed
  4. Sellers/Buyers accept, sign and initial any/all changes and contract is ratified/binding
  1. Title company requests your information to request loan payoff(s) and title search
  2. Inspections done
  3. Negotiate repairs
  4. Appraiser visits
  5. Buyer obtain appraisal & may negotiate if below contract price
  6. Pest inspection
  7. Title Examination sent to lender for approval
  8. Buyers lender prepares and sends closing disclosure to buyer
  9. Buyers lender sends loan documents and wires funds to title company
  10. Contact utility companies to cancel day after closing
  1. Settlement day wherein seller and buyer sign all required documents, and seller delivers all keys
  2. Title company has property recorded at County Courthouse then disburses funds
  3. Seller is no longer property owner